Brgy. San Pascual, Municipality of Diffun
Province of Quirino


Brgy. San Pascual, Municipality of Diffun
Province of Quirino


Barangay San Pascual served for a long time as the vestibule that hunters in early days had to enter when going hunting in the pristine forests of Diffun. It served as the entrance to the dense forests that spanned the mountains of the municipality.

For that reason it became the customary meeting place of the hunters before they entered the jungle or before leaving it after having had a beautiful hunting expedition, laden with wild fruits and prize catch. In due time, it also became the place where the early settlers in the area grouped together to do barter or simply to mingle with others for their basic social needs. And for that, they named the place Sitio Dapungan.

Dapungan was originally a part of Dumanisi; but as the growing number of settlers there flourished, the people requested the Municipal Council under then Mayor Mariano Pimentel to draft a resolution requesting the provincial government to separate Sitio Dapungan from Dumanisi and constitute it as a barangay.

In 1971, the resolution was granted and it was named San Pascual to honor the name of Eugenio Pascual Sr., who had for some time already been serving the people in the capacity of a Barangay Captain.

San Pascual was then born as a full-fledged barangay of Diffun.

Other barangay leaders followed after Eugenio Pascual Sr. were Esperidion Peralta, Avelino T. Medina, Marcelino Millo, and Ramon Tacadena.

During the incumbency of Tacadena, a school was opened in the barangay. It was erecter in a 2.6 hectare school site, and the children were handled by one teacher.

More infrastructure projects were constructed during the incumbency of Avelino T. Medina and Danilo G. Ignacio. Projects put up or acquired were a daycare center, a solar drier, a multipurpose building, a health center, water system, and classroom building enclosed in concrete fence. The school accommodated more classes, eventually making for a complete elementary school, with Joanna C. Pasuquin as its first teacher in charge.


Brgy. San Pascual, under the present leadership of Hon. Avelino T. Medina is geared for economic progress under the support of the Local Government Unit of Diffun.

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